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Overview of Host Pool Costs & Savings

Nerdio Manager calculates and displays the projected total monthly Azure compute and storage costs and the savings for each host pool. This article is an overview of how the costs and savings are calculated.

The costs and savings are displayed in the Monthly Savings & Cost column in the Host Pools table.

Tip: Select the respective tooltip to display detailed information.

Desktop User Cost

Nerdio Manager collects auto-scale statistics at a given interval during the day. This includes the number of running VMs, Hosts, Desktop User Count, VM Price, Disk Usage, Disk Price, and more.

Note: Costs are based on Azure pay-as-you-go list prices.

  • Actual VM costs are calculated by summing the following: (Not an exhaustive list.)

    • VM Cost = VM List Price * Duration in Hours

    • VM Cost * Number of Running VMs

  • Actual disk costs are calculated by summing the following: (Not an exhaustive list.)

    • Disk costs for running VMs * Number of Running VMs

    • Disk costs for stopped VMs * Number of Stopped VMs

The actual total cost is the sum of all the actual VM and disk costs for a given interval. These actual costs are then projected over a 30 day period. (730 hours)

Similarly, Nerdio Manager calculates the costs (VM and disk) had auto-scale not been employed and there was peak usage in Azure. This peak cost is also projected over a 30 day period. (730 hours)

Monthly Savings

The Monthly Savings is simply the difference between Peak Cost projected over a 30-day period less the Actual Cost projected over a 30-day period.


  • Auto-scale statistics must be gathered for at least 7 days before the monthly savings and costs are displayed for a host pool.

  • Auto-scale must be ON to calculate these savings. If auto-scale is host, no monthly savings and costs are displayed for the host pool.

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